5 star customer service

Most company managers know that a website is often the first customer service representative that potential customers meet, but did you know that staff knowledge of the depth of the website and online company resources can be critical as well?

Think about it.  You’re on a website looking for a widget in a particular size and shape.  You’ve found something similar, but it’s not quite right.  You call up customer service and ask for help finding it, and the person answering the phone has absolutely no idea what you are talking about.  If you’re like me, you politely thank the person, hang up and search for another supplier.

Your website should be a quick and handy reference for:

  • Explaining what your company offers
  • Describing product or service details
  • Answering frequently asked questions
  • Listing contacts for specific areas of expertise

Customer Service should be able to look up information quickly in order answer a question or to route the customer to the appropriate expert if the rep doesn’t know the answer himself. Your company is often judged in a manner of seconds.  Well-trained staff and an easy to navigate website are often the key.

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Training Your Staff

Make sure your employees know their way around your website.