Responsive website design

Whether your website needs a few tweaks to make it easier to navigate on a mobile phone or easier to find in a search engine, Star Tusk Enterprises can help. Here are some of the services that we offer:

Website Design

Developing a new site for a business can be a daunting project, especially to a person or team without experience. Design today means more than just looking nice or up-to-date. A website must load with lightning speed and allow customers to find what they need fast or they’ll leave as quickly as they came and go to a competitor’s site. Responsive design is key. With more and more consumers using cell phones to research and buy things, websites should work as well on the small screen of a smart phone as they do on wide screen desktops. We will meet with you, discuss your goals, your customers’ needs and your budget, and come up with an implementation plan. Have the site built in workable stages or knock your customers’ socks off by unveiling the new site with a grand opening.

Website Check Up

If it’s been a while since your site has been updated, a check up may be in order. Order a critique of your site and receive a list of simple, inexpensive things your company can do to improve search engine standings and site navigation. Understand not only what is working well, but also areas that need improvement for continued growth. Use the suggestions to plan your website budget and staffing needs, and schedule needed improvements. Implement the changes with your own web staff or let us make the changes for you.

Website Make Over

If your site works well, but looks tired and dated, a site make over may make sense. New images, color and logo updates can make a major difference in how your customers see you.

Website Overhaul

If customers and staff are complaining that your site is not working well or if search engines cannot find your site, you might need a complete site overhaul. Our staff will study your products and services and make improvements including:

  • streamlining navigation
  • updating product and service information
  • rewriting copy to improve search engine results
  • adding photos and icons to help customers locate information
  • adding meta tags and keywords to attract search engines
  • implementing a linking program from online industry directories, publications, blogs and related sites
  • setting up a company blog complete with subscription options, which can help build a customer email list
  • setting up social media company profiles and YouTube channels.

Start your plan now.

Social Media

If your company has not already dabbled with social media, it may be time to start. A strategically run plan can help your staff connect on a more personal level with your customers and allow your customers to become advocates for your company. Your business and your customers are unique.  Make sure your social media plan enhances your advertising message rather than confuse or detract from it. Receive a report outlining the options make the most sense for your business as well as a realistic assessment of the resources necessary to adequately maintain social media.

Website Hosting

Looking for a website that loads fast and trouble-free?  We can help with that, too. We offer inexpensive and reliable website hosting for small to medium-sized businesses.

Consulting and Mentoring

If your staff can handle programming changes and site updates, but occasionally needs help with brainstorming or technical details, Star Tusk Enterprises can help. Questions ranging from Search Engine Optimization to adding a shopping cart or to starting a company blog can be answered via phone, video call or email, by the project or by monthly retainer. Project management  services and in-house mentoring seminars are also available. Additional travel expenses would apply.

Traditional Advertising and Promotion

Advertising without spending a fortune is a delicate balancing act. Our staff will research your competition and recommend media buys that make sense for your business and your budget. We also offer:

  • logos
  • print brochures
  • magazine ads
  • banner ads
  • directory listing suggestions
  • trade show consulting
  • trade show display signs
  • email newsletters
  • company blogs
  • copywriting for websites, brochures, blog posts

We are available for consultations via phone, video conference and in person with some limitations due to COVID-19. Send us a note and we’ll contact you to schedule an appointment.



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