marketing recipeManufacturing buyers, according to a new survey, rely on a mix of sources when searching for products and services. Websites and traditional trade publication ads remain the most used sources of information; however, buyers often tap as many as five resources.

“Pulling some key findings from the report, we found that more than 70 percent of manufacturing buyers look for products or services at least once a week, and the majority (68 percent) of manufacturing purchases are influenced by at least three people,” Gardner Research reported. “We also found that search engines are an essential research component of the buyer, and brand recognition dominates search engine selection, as 86.3 percent reported first selecting results from companies/sources they recognize.”

So, what can we take away from this survey? Simply put, successful marketers mix it up.

  • Print ads introduce buyers to companies, brands and new products
  • Websites provide details about products and services and levels of expertise
  • LinkedIn company profiles help build company reputations and relationships
  • YouTube channels demonstrate how products work and how they stack up to the competition
  • Search Engine Optimization is critical to getting your company’s information to the top of the list when buyers are looking for something that you offer

Each type of media purchase is important during different points of the buying cycle. One type feeds another, and when used in combination they are all more effective. Although Gardner’s report surveyed manufacturing buyers, many of the findings also run true for consumer markets. Whether you sell machinery parts, cattle or cosmetics as you develop your company’s marketing budget make sure you plan a mix that is appropriate for your company. Ignore a channel and you could miss out on potential business.

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Mix it up and rise to the top | Survey finds integrating multiple media types impactful